Stop Procrastinating. Hire Bay Area Professional Organizer Co.

Complete Home Organizing for residents in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties


Complete Home Organization:

every room, every nook and cranny, complete and thorough de-cluttering of the entire home--even the porch and yard! Have a Pro create a uniquely tailored home for your peace of mind and life balance.

Financial and Budget Organization:

tackle your paper clutter, organize your financial records, create a better bill paying system, prepare for tax time, manage your debt/credit cards/bank accounts, improve your credit score, set-up a workable budget

Office Organization:

purging papers and creating improved filing systems; organizing excess office supplies; inputting and updating all contacts; purging email accounts; updating settings and organizing apps on iphones; updating social media/online accounts and adjusting all inundating settings; purging and organizing computer files and pictures; properly arranging office furniture for optimal space flow; decorating office spaces for better focus and less stress

Schedule, Chore,

Routine Balance:

get down to the nuts and bolts of why your lifestyle is in chronic chaos. Create a refreshing new routine to dig out of your rut. Kiera creates a balanced chore chart for both the kids and adults to equally share the workload that they are naturally good at. Kiera will organize a new daily and weekly schedule with downtime, date nights, spirituality, gym time, etc--do the things you WANT to be doing! A balanced routine can finally be yours!

Estate Organization:

specializing in clients dealing with grief. Losing a loved one is never easy. It's also not easy going through their stuff, especially when people are fighting over who gets what, or if one person has to go through all of it on their own. Kiera helps relatives and friends divide the possessions and keepsakes, which is especially helpful when emotions are high.

Note: Kiera LOVES Hoarder Estate Clean-Outs!

Moving and Unpacking:

helping you de-clutter, donate and sell the cast-offs, pack your keeps so it's a breeze unpacking. Expert in Downsizing! In Your New Home: complete unpacking, setting up new organizational systems to last and last, arranging furniture, decorating

Space Planning & Decorating:

transforming your space so it supports all of your activities, furniture is properly arranged to optimize space, and decor is rearranged to create a clutter-free, comfortable, inviting aesthetic.


goal-setting for your personal and professional life, creating individualized systems catered to how the client thinks/feels/sees the world, developing strategies to break habits that have kept you in a perpetual state of disorganization--finally break the cycle!


organizing and storing your photographs, collections and historical items

Digital Organizing:

contact lists, email accounts, passwords, phone apps and settings, computer documents, photos

Nursery/Kiddo/Student Organizing:

Toys, Games, Books, Art and School Projects, Keepsakes, Clothes, Shoes, Sports Equipment, School Supplies. Playrooms, Bedrooms, Teen Rooms. Desks, Backpacks, Folders/Binders, Papers, Homework, iPhone settings and apps. Space Planning and Decorating. Turning the junk room into a nursery.

Kiera also has experience with special needs kids, kids with disabilities, and kids with Autism, mental illness and extreme behavioral issues.

Referral Service:

connecting you with trusted local professionals who clients repeatedly compliment their work. Including: Personal Assisting, Junk Hauler, Cleaners, Handyman, Plumber, CPA, Bookkeeper, Time Management and Life Coach, Closet Installers, Movers, etc

"Releasing our stuff has been cleansing. And a new understanding of attachment and letting go has emerged. There definitely is something beautiful about this process. Never again will we store this much stuff. Living lighter, living with less stuff...feels so good."  --Peggy